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Brooklyn Dodgers: Those Lovable Bums

Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson left a lasting mark on the game. Ebbets Field, although long gone, is still beloved in Brooklyn, stirring up memories of past greatness. Our collection also has vintage photographs of Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese, Ralph Branca, Duke Snider and many more.


Jackie Robinson

Remembered for breaking baseball's color line, he was also a remarkable player and man.


Roy Campanella

Shown with Jackie Robinson, Roy rivaled Yogi Berra as the great catchers of their time.


Gil Hodges

Second from right, this rugged first baseman led the Dodgers in the 1950s.


Duke Snider

Duke, far left, was a charismatic and productive center fielder for the 1950's Dodgers.


PeeWee Reese

PeeWee was the sparkplug shortstop who led the Dodgers in the 1950s.


Other Dodgers

The Dodgers of the 1950swere blessed with a number of great players.

Featured Photos

Bobby Orr &
Gerry Cheevers
March, 1972


Rob Gronkowski
Tight End
New England