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In 1978, Dennis Brearley and his wife Susan opened their first photo gallery on Boston's historic waterfront. Throughout the years, Dennis and Susan worked diligently to maintain the integrity of their work, while enhancing the collection by purchasing negatives from all across the country. Their collection of rare and vintage photos has grown into one of the most extensive in existence. With love and devotion to their craft, the Brearley family has rescued these images and transformed them into a stunning portfolio.

The late Dennis Brearley was a photojournalist who spent 18 years on the staff of a Boston daily newspaper. During that time he received awards and citations from AP, UPI, the Boston Press Photographers, the National Press Photographers, and in 1978, the Pulitzer Prize. Mr. Brearley also held the position of team photographer for the Boston Red Sox from 1993 to 2002.


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Bobby Orr &
Gerry Cheevers
March, 1972


Rob Gronkowski
Tight End
New England