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Photos of Presidents

Of course we have numerous photographs of President John Kennedy, but we also have others, including a photo of then Vice President Richard Nixon with President Dwight Eisenhower, and one of President Harry Truman with then Congressman John Kennedy. Other classic photos include Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Roosevelt in Worcester in 1934.


The Kennedys - Hyannisport Massachusetts


President Truman and Congressman Kennedy Boston 1950


President Kennedy 1960


President Kennedy 1961


President Kennedy 1961


President Kennedy and Tip O''Neil


President Hoover 1928


John, Robert and Ted Kennedy Hyannisport 1960


President Eisenhower 1952


FDR 1934


FDR Worcester MA 1934


President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon 1952

Featured Photos

Bobby Orr &
Gerry Cheevers
March, 1972


Rob Gronkowski
Tight End
New England