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Boston Aviation Photos

Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and the doomed Hindenburg all visited Boston. Our photos capture these special moments in time. If you’re an aviation buff, these are must-haves for your photo collection.


Charles Lindbergh flies over New York City in his Lockheed Sirius NR211 - August 1931


Amelia Earhart


Charles Lindberg East Boston Airfield 1927


Dorothy Worwick Postal Pilot East Boston Airfield 1928


Spirit of St. Louis East Boston Airfield 1927


Amelia Earhart 1928


Tribute to the Wright Brothers over Boston 1937


Hindenburg over Boston May 6, 1937


Anne and Charles Lindberg 1927


Hindenburg over Boston and Custom House Tower May 6, 1937

Featured Photos

Bobby Orr &
Gerry Cheevers
March, 1972


Rob Gronkowski
Tight End
New England