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Red Auerbach

The legendary coach was loved in Boston and hated around the league for his brash persona and for the utter dominance of Celtics teams during his time as coach. The players loved him and the Celtic fans did too. Our photos show Red at work.


Bill Russells Number 6 Being Retired in a private ceremony at the Boston Garden. Also, in photo: Don Nelson, John Havlicek, Red Auerbach, Tom Heinsohn and Don Chaney - March 12, 1972


Tommy Heinsohn, Bill Russell & Red Auerbach - 1961


Red Auerbach circa - 1952


Red Auerbach 1950-51


Red Auerbach Jan. 19, 1964


Bill Russell and Red Auerbach 1956


Bill Russell and Red Auerbach circa 1962


Bob Cousy and Red Auerbach 1950-51


John Havlicek and Red Auerbach celebrate 1965 NBA championship April 25, 1965


Red Auerbach Shouting Instructions


Red and Chuck Cooper; 1st black player in NBA history


ML Carr & Red Auerbach

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